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Original packaging
Produced in EU

This is a concentrated aroma and must be diluted before use!

Shake well before use! Store in a cool and dark place!

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol

Allergen content: N/A

Diketone content: None

Component list:  N/A

Specific Gravity:  N/A

Description:  "Basma is an Oriental Tobacco, part of the Sun-Cured class. Basma is rather difficult to be cultivated and, therefore, it is very rare. The one we selected is the Greek Basma, considered to be the finest Basma variety. Like the other Oriental tobaccos, it has the same distinctive characteristics, with small but greatly aromatic leaves. When vaped, Basma is full-bodied, complex, with slightly sweet notes that become spicy with a bitter aftertaste. Basma is another tobacco, another extract and another unique taste waiting to be discovered." La Tabaccheria

Suggested percentage: 5-15%


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