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Original packaging
Produced in EU

This is a concentrated aroma and must be diluted before use!

Shake well before use! Store in a cool and dark place!

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol

Allergen content: N/A

Diketone content: None

Component list:  N/A

Specific Gravity:  N/A

Description:  "Bezuki comes from Indonesia, a land blessed by the sun, its volcanic soil and a perfect humidity degree, the ideal conditions for growing and curing this special tobacco variety. Bezuki belongs to the Dark Air-Cured class. The tobaccos falling within this category are used for the manufacturing of cigars, they are air-cured and subjected to a fermentation process which gives their leaves a very dark colour and marked aromatic scents. Bezuki is used for the production of many cigars, as a Wrapper (the outermost layer of the Cigar), a Binder (Cigar Sub-layer), and a Filler (the Cigar bulk): thanks to its remarkable aromatic characteristics, it often replaces Connecticut Shade, one of the most widespread wrapper tobaccos. Our Bezuki Tobacco Extract, which is part of our Elite Line, will captivate you with its unique aroma among the other tobaccos, and its intense and spicy flavour will allow you to create new and satisfying customised Blends. Bezuki is a “Must” for cigar lovers who are looking for that particular taste which is typical of high-quality cigars only." La Tabaccheria

Suggested percentage: 5-15%


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